Domino - Multi Arcade Game Emulator

22/5/2001 - Ouch! My eyes..

I was at a friend's house today.. and i showed Domino webpage to him.. i got almost blind.. damn.. ugly webpage.., i think it looks better on my computer because i use a heavily customized (plug-ined) version of Opera.

I was wondering, if there's any good soul out there, willing to do a re-design to this page, (for free..), you would get full-credit for it, and a link to your homepage/e-mail (if desired).

Anyone interested ? Please send me a e-mail.

-- Fixxer.


14/5/2001 - First Release is out..

Well, this finally happened, i'm officially opening this site, with the first release of Domino, and i'm very happy with this release, it costed me alot of work and time, but i think it worth every second i spent with it, i had a great fun doing it, and i hope you all enjoy using it, any comments, bugs, or suggestions, just mail me.

-- Fixxer.



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